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Home Products Loctite Fixmaster® Marine Chocking

Loctite Fixmaster® Marine Chocking is a two-part epoxy system recommended for the installation of main engines and other equipment. Achieves 100% surface coverage, precise equipment alignment,high compressive strength and long term durability. Loctite Fixmaster® Marine Chocking was specifically developed for chocking marine main propulsion and auxiliary machinery. Other shipboard applications include:  Sterntube and Strut Bearings, Pintle and Rudder Bearings, Pesdestal Bearings, Steering Gears, Stern Winches, Engine Room Pumps, Cargo Pumps, Cable Penetrations, Large Ball or Roller Bearings, Bow Trusters and Anchor Windlasses.This product are certified and registered ABS, Lloyd's, DNV, RS MAN, and Bureau Visrus.

Ongoing project in Selat Melaka, Inai Kenanga (third world largest dredger ship), supplying and technical consultant for the whole project.

  1. Stearing Gear
  2. Dredge Pum
  3. Main Engine
  4. Gear Box
  5. Jet Pump
  6. Shaft and AC Generator

The above machinery foundations are supported by Loctite Fixmaster® Marine Chocking.

Damming procedure with soft foam in progress

Mixing chocking compound

Well mixed chocking compound is ready to pour at the desire area.