Industrial Solvent Blending, Packaging, Storing and Distribution.

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Working to enhance your business every step of the way

As a distributor with long-standing supplier relationships, we offer a portfolio of ingredients serving markets. Chemfield is focused on the success of your business. We have experienced technical personnel for product development and a sales and customer service staffs to support your every move.

Offering solutions to both existing and novel applications with a focus on offering the correct solution to our clients always being uppermost in our mind. By ensuring we offer the right product for the application we ensure customer satisfaction. Our team of chemicals & solvents experts know your business, understand the unique conditions that impact your industry, and are dedicated to answering your need for product and service excellence.

Customized Product & Service Solutions

Chemfield emphasizes quality at every level. We supply top-grade bulk chemicals, packaged goods, customized blends and factory-packaged solutions to customers in numerous industries.

Driving Value by Focusing on Customer Success

Our goal is to help our customers succeed by delivering high-quality product and service solutions tailored to their unique needs — enabling them to better manage their supply chain needs and achieve success!

Whatever your business goals are, our team is here to help you meet them. To learn more about our chemical supply services, and to find out why so many business trust Chemfield with their chemical needs, contact us today.

Innovative Solutions for Industry

Chemfield offers a wide range of products and solutions designed for enterprises and small businesses across a variety of industries.